Locaties in Nederland Birgitte started her professional career as a lecturer in Dutch Language and trainer in Communication Skills. Birgitte subsequently graduated in Organisational Psychology and Special Education Theory and completed a post-graduate course in Clinical Psychology at the Groningen University. Birgitte is managing director of SYNTAGMA Psychology Mediation Coaching Training Consultancy. After having worked at the Child Protection Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and having been Head of Treatment and Education of a penitentiary institution for children and adolescents, she worked as manager in the public mental healthcare domain. She is a court expert in psychology for the International Criminal Court as well as for several courts in The Netherlands. Having gained in-depth experience in diagnosing and treating children, adolescents, adults and couples as well as considerable experience in high conflict cases and specialized in treatment of psychotrauma (EMDR Practitioner Europe), Birgitte is a Family Mediator, certified by the French Government and in The Netherlands and is a cross-border mediator for the Mediation Bureau of the International Child Abduction Centre (IKO) in The Netherlands and the European Network for Child Abduction (NIM). She works as a trainer to teach psychology subjects for psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, lawyers, mediators and social workers. Birgitte is an active member of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP), the Dutch Institute for Relationship & Family Therapy (NVRG), the French Family Mediation Association (APMF) and the Dutch Mediation Federation (MfN). Birgitte’s practice includes an emphasis on mindfulness and compassionate living. Birgitte speaks English, French and Dutch.
Linda Reijerkerk is managing director and trainer at the Centre for Conflict Management (CvC). Linda developed and gave training courses throughout her entire professional life; in the beginning as an international consultant on all of the continents. The past 10 years as a trainer for people who are curious about mediation or would like to become a mediator. Being a certified mediator, she has more than 10 years of experience in complex mediation cases. She holds a Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution of the ADR Institute of the University 0f Amsterdam. Initially she graduated as an anthropologist followed by a bachelor degree in Environmental Science. Linda is a mediator at the Dutch State Council. Linda Reijerkerk is also the vice-chairman of EMNI, the European Network of Mediators and of the Foundation for Mediation in Ecology and Territorial Planning and is a member of the board of several professional mediation organisations. Linda speaks 6 languages.
Els Kim-Meijer graduated in law from the University of Groningen. She is active as a family-law lawyer for 18 years now at Kim Meijer Law Firm and works as a divorce mediator as well. Els works as a cross border mediator for the Mediation Agency, which is a division of the International Child Abduction Centre. She has gained considerable (procedural and mediation) experience in complex (international) divorce and child abduction cases In her practice, emphasis is placed on the position of children. Els is also active as a guest lecturer at recognized training institutes in the field of family law and civil procedural law. Els is a member of the Dutch Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators, Collaborative Divorce Holland, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the Dutch Association of child abduction lawyers and Reunite. Els holds a Masters Degree in English language as well.